COVID-19 Impact

At this time, Lakeside festival in November 2020 has not been impeded. Being optimistic we have plans now in place with advice provided by NSW Health. The date for the 2020 Festival is Saturday November 7th. However, we recognise the COVID-19 situation is fluid, unpredictable and unprecedented.

If the event cannot be held in November 2020, we will reassess the opportunity of a future suitable date. We have looked at several other venue options to cater for any COVID-19 restrictions and crowd management. Changes may reflect in allowed numbers of attendees, event hours, food vendor regulations and any general hygiene / social distancing restrictions. We will work within whatever rules advised by Government Authorities. John Wright Park is available at multiple dates across the calendar year and artists have expressed flexibility to change to a future date if required.

Following the guidelines and regulations of NSW Health is our priority, being essential for the survival of our community, and of course for the better health of Australia and the world population. We do have the flexibility to move the event forward to a future date should that need arise.

SO PLEASE SAVE THE DATE 7/11/2020 + Follow us on Facebook for more updates.