The Goodfellas

The Goodfellas band is made up of a group of terrific musicians who just love to play music together. Each player a unique entity each carrying their own special story and bag of musical tricks to the Goodfellas stage. A gig with the fellas is always, exciting, colourful, funny, and entertaining, thoughtful, fast, slow and in between. It’s hard to pin a style on the band as there are way too many influences they draw from. Always keen to explore so it’s always a musical adventure.

This line up of talented separate entities combine, one by one to form this one colourful wall of sound and creative emotion.
The line up changes from time to time but always brings the same unique sound and feel.
The energy, excellent musicianship and songwriting will captivate you and take you in all sorts of musical and emotional directions.
You will know you’ve been around musicians who have truly paid their dues in the industry, completely devoid of the “showbiz” agenda. It’s a love for music and friendship that formed this band.
The whole idea in the band and its naming was that you had to be a good fella, (guy or gal) to play in the line-up. Always a great recipe for great music if that’s the ticket in they say.