Troy Kinne

Troy Kinne is best known for his own TV shows  Kinne Tonight (Ch10) and Kinne (Ch7) for which he was nominated for a Logie award. You may have also seen him a number of times on Have You Been Paying Attention? Andy Lee’s The 100 or performing on Just For Laughs.

However it is more likely that you have seen him in one of his many viral videos on Facebook and YouTube. ‘Kinne videos’ have been shared all over the world resulting in over 1 million followers on social media.

Yet before social media was even a ‘thing’, Kinne was already making his mark on the live stand up comedy scene winning several young comic competitions.

  • Comedy Knockout – Search For A Funny Bone – Winner
  • Comic’s Lounge – You Gotta Be Jokin’ – Winner
  • A-List Entertainment – Green Faces – Winner
  • His live shows now sell out all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
  • “A rapid-fire night of laughs” – The Herald Sun
  • “Comic Genius” – The Daily Telegraph